Hate me. Despise me. Try as you might to end me. I am the true Queen. Not a one shall overturn Starscream. He will not cow-tow to butchers, snakes, thieves and rats. Starscream reigns, heedless of the vipers at his feet.

((Princess Starscream and his creation, Estella RP blog.))

((Noted: Starscream is gender-neutral; answers to either masculine or feminine addresses.))

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For Better or Worse

The holo-monitors gave Starscream little information that he couldn’t have inferenced himself. Curse the unfortunate foreign ailment. Perhaps next time he’d be lucky enough to examine something domestic in Skyfire. They were much easier to treat, anyway. 

Processor work was always delicate…but Starscream was confident he would be able to set it right. He scrolled through the strands of corrupted data, which was immense. Cleaning what he could, he searched for the cause of Skyfire’s hallucinations. 

The royal bowed his helm. The stress was beginning to seep into his spark. The thought that Skyfire would never be restored frightened him. He couldn’t lose Sky. He couldn’t. And Skyfire had nearly done himself in because he hadn’t been honest. There would have to be consequences for that…

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    Skyfire watched his… could he call him a mate, yet? It might still be too soon for that. But a sparkmate was someone...
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    He smiled slightly and kissed Skyfire’s knuckles, “After Megatron had been destroyed, and you found me in the lab…The...