Hate me. Despise me. Try as you might to end me. I am the true Queen. Not a one shall overturn Starscream. He will not cow-tow to butchers, snakes, thieves and rats. Starscream reigns, heedless of the vipers at his feet.
Hi, honey! How was space?

There was nothing more complicated than repairing one’s own wings. You can’t reach them. You can’t see them. Starscream groaned in agony as he tried to wipe up the energon still dripping from the open gashes in his struts. He’d have to visit the med bay at some point. Just what he  didn’t need; another lecture from Gidget. 

All thought of repair were forgotten when he the portal suddenly flashed and opened, admitting a long absent shuttle. The cleaning cloth was tossed aside, and Starscream nothing short of rushed upon Skyfire and clung to him. He couldn’t even manage words. He could only hang on his larger frame and nuzzle him gently. 

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    If Skyfire had known of Starscream’s worries, he would have been quick to reassure him that his relationship with his...
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    Of course, he still had to wonder about Skyfire’s Starscream…Even with all his reassurances, his uneasiness about being...