Hate me. Despise me. Try as you might to end me. I am the true Queen. Not a one shall overturn Starscream. He will not cow-tow to butchers, snakes, thieves and rats. Starscream reigns, heedless of the vipers at his feet.

((Princess Starscream and his creation, Estella RP blog.))

((Noted: Starscream is gender-neutral; answers to either masculine or feminine addresses.))

((M!A: none; accepting))

 bitterskyfire said: I… I know. ghost filled me in on some of it. I’m sorry I worried you like that. I didn’t… try to hurt you or anything, right?

"It’s quite alright. You weren’t yourself. And, you didn’t" He grinned and snickered, "You were absolutely terrified of me."

He held his arms out tentatively, “May I embrace you now?”

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    bitterskyf Well…at least he didn’t scream and run away from him like mad. That was good. It was alright that he didn’t...
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    Honestly? Skyfire was shocked. He… he hadn’t expected this, not at this moment. His thrusters stalled momentarily,...