Hate me. Despise me. Try as you might to end me. I am the true Queen. Not a one shall overturn Starscream. He will not cow-tow to butchers, snakes, thieves and rats. Starscream reigns, heedless of the vipers at his feet.

((Princess Starscream and his creation, Estella RP blog.))

((Noted: Starscream is gender-neutral; answers to either masculine or feminine addresses.))

((M!A: none; accepting))
Introductions ((Closed RP))

Starscream rocked Windsheer back and forth gently, clicking around his office and humming merrily. “Ok! He’s on his way! I’m sure he’s going to adore you!”

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    Oh no…He held him up high and grinned, “Of course you’re special, sweetie~! But ermm…Sometimes, grown ups want to spend...
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    He went to protest to his mum when Skyfire spoke up and he sputtered a moment before his lip plate actually wobbled now...
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    "Well, Starscream gets a special ride because he’s a special mech." He tapped the little one on the helm. "And he’s...