Hate me. Despise me. Try as you might to end me. I am the true Queen. Not a one shall overturn Starscream. He will not cow-tow to butchers, snakes, thieves and rats. Starscream reigns, heedless of the vipers at his feet.

((Princess Starscream and his creation, Estella RP blog.))

((Noted: Starscream is gender-neutral; answers to either masculine or feminine addresses.))

((M!A: none; accepting))
Thundercracker’s Last Stand ((Closed RP))

Thundercracker had always prided himself on his strength. His stalwart and steadfast personality was what had gotten him his position as Captain. He had spared his brother Starscream from the will of a mad mech. He and Skywarp had suffered from it. His baby brother was dying in a cell in the dungeons. He could scarce recall anything but pain…hooked to so many devices. So many wires. His once powerful frame reduced to shaking and withering. 

He lay on a med berth, the scientist Shockwave sitting nearby and monitoring his processor. They were planning something. He was in too much pain to care. His working optic shifted downward when the door opened and a mech was shoved in. A large mech. A large familiar looking shuttle. The triple changer, Blitzwing, kicked him along the floor before he was level with the berth adjacent to Thundercracker’s.

Shockwave looked over at the arrival nervously, “…Vector Sigma…” he sounded exasperated, as though particularly unhappy about what the shuttle’s arrival indicated. “…he’s here, isn’t he?”

Blitzwing nodded, “Yeah…Time to shine, Mr. Scientist.” He slapped the mech on the shoulder before making his way out again. 

Thundercracker looked over at Skyfire…confused to no end, “You….I know you…” He whispered. 

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